Customer stories

G Suite references

Louis Delhaize

Louis Delhaize is a Belgian retailer with over 200 stores. Gathering information and receiving feedback from stores isn’t an easy task. Louis Delhaize has connected people, opened up communication and transformed business processes through G Suite.


Aveve is a Belgian retailer providing agricultural products with 220 stores in Belgium. The stores had a dispersed mailing platform which was extremely hard to support. With Google Apps for Work and more in particular Gmail they got an easy to manage and mobile mailplatform. AVEVE quickly recognized the advantages of the entire platform and decided to transform processes using Google Drive to store & share documents as well as Hangouts to train their franchisees.


Fremach is an international supplier of decorated plastic products for the automotive and industrial markets. By adopting G Suite they have boosted collaboration and communication across sites to move things along quicker.

Chrome references

Louis Delhaize – Every Day use

The stores of Louis Delhaize needed a new device, which would allow them to collaborate with HQ through Hangouts and Google Drive. The Chromebook is a fast and flexible device which satisfies the needs of the store workers.

Nilort – Everyday use

After migrating to G Suite and going for a cloud only approach, Nilort employees got an Asus Chromebook flip to communicate in real-time via Hangouts and collaborate with each other through Google Drive & Google+ from wherever they are.

The Asus Chromebook flip gives the consultants the flexibility to use it both as a laptop and a tablet during meetings and events.

Google Cloud Platform references

BNP Paribas Fortis

Six business crucial applications were built with MS Access, JavaScript and Excel. Since all these files and tools were managed separately, there was no synchronization between the applications, which leads to a lot of redundant, duplicate and outdated information. The applications have a very different look & feel and are error prone. BNP Paribas Fortis has decided to rebuilt these applications on Google Cloud Platform in order to improve accessibility, stability and collaboration across the departments.