Hello World, Hello Simon Picard

Hello World, Hello Simon Picard

Talk about a great XMas present! Just before the end of the year, Simon decided to join us as da Google Cloud Data Engineer. Here’s what he has to say:

Short BIO

I am Simon Picard, a graduate from a Master in Management and a Master of Science in Computer Science. While studying Computer Science I was constantly looking for creative and innovative fields. Thus, I found myself comfortable in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. I had a deep teaching of the subject, and I was very impressed by its applications. As I was acquiring technical expertise, a desire to know its relevance within the industry grew in me. Hence, I decided to pursue a Master in Management in order to understand business and be able to detect where my scientific skills could have a strong impact.

I have an attract for consulting positions as they allow me to work on several projects with different aims and requirements. I like the diversity and learning opportunities that it offers me. I am also looking for a role where teamwork is important because I believe that it creates better results. The many points of view are leading to compelling ideas and avoid deadlocks. Finally, this mission-based way of working interests me because I can have an impact at several steps of the project, from meeting the client to understand its need up to the development of the solution and its delivery.

On the private side, I am young man living in Brussels. My mother tongue is French and I am improving my Dutch, feel free to do some language with me! I enjoy football, photography, piano and windsurfing, I heard that there are quite a few sports opportunities within Fourcast that I am looking forward for.


Why fourcast?

I believe that Fourcast’s rising Artificial Intelligence department is the ideal place for me. The section is focused on Data Science and Machine Learning, there is a strong team spirit and it is in relation with major actors from different industries. The size, the entrepreneurial aspect and the innovation oriented culture of the company are key assets to me. Indeed, they will allow me to develop myself within the enterprise and to have a real impact on my missions.

By combining the opportunities coming from Artificial Intelligence with the power and convenience of Google Cloud, Fourcast positions itself as a strong player within the AI landscape.


Best about Google?

Google is a company that is always on the leaning edge of technology, as an innovation aficionado, I am very happy to be one of its partners. Google offers huge opportunities to increase the value of firms in many ways.

In the first place, there is the G Suite which allows easy and efficient collaboration thanks to its clever design, cloud-based architecture and innovative aspect.

Then, there is Google Cloud Platform which creates powerful and convenient cloud opportunities that are transforming every industry. Indeed, it permits a company to outsource its infrastructure and scaling issues and thus to focus on their core competencies. The whole Google ecosystem is built in a very useful way and allows one to work efficiently on relevant matters as it takes care of the architectural topics.

Finally, Google is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence with their R&D departments such as DeepMind. Their state-of-the-art findings are shaping the enterprise of tomorrow thanks to the tools they lead to. Examples are countless, Google boosted the applications of deep learning with their library TensorFlow, Google is at the forefront of autonomous cars, Google is helping the cancer prevention research with their genomic data sequencing tool DeepVariant and so on.

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