Meet our oldest UK member, Conor!

Meet our oldest UK member, Conor!

Hi, my name is Conor,  I grew up in Dublin, however have lived in London for 20+ years & progressively moved from East to North London as family life evolved. I am married to my lovely wife Helen & we have two beautiful plus lively boys children Isaac (7 ) & Ethan (4).

I started working for Fourcast on 1st September 2017, before which I have had a successful career for multiple large blue chip companies including, Samsung, BlackBerry & T-Mobile. These roles have been within both consumer & enterprise, the advantage of which is gaining 1st hand experience across various verticals. Whilst in these roles, I have established excellent working relationships with colleagues plus customers & even though I have changed roles have stayed in touch with many.

I love people, travel, mountains, running, music & family adventures!!! (Can easily discuss each for hours 🙂 )

Why did I make the move to Fourcast?

Having a keen interest in Google solutions, I was first introduced to Fourcast by Google back in July 2017 by an old colleague who spoke very highly about the team… From the very first moment I loved their passion, knowledge, efficiency & desire to succeed within the UK.

Having a very strong reputation within Google Europe, Fourcast were increasingly been recommended by the Google UK to deliver solutions for their customers. As a direct result they required someone to head up the UK team to help discover, deliver & execute Google solutions… & luckily they choose me!

As Head of UK B2B channel within Samsung , leaving was not an easy decision, however meeting the team, seeing their desire to deliver & truly believing in the Google portfolio , joining Fourcast seemed like such a natural choice to make. Since joining I’ve been amazed by their warmth, their willingness to help & their responsiveness , not only to myself but customers as well…….Their believe in placing the customer first & finding solutions to help companies innovate with ease, makes for a great working environment.

My role within Fourcast is to help grow the UK market & given the set of tools Google provide, the support at Fourcast, their focus on delivering the right solutions for customer & my personal belief in all three elements, I feel confident the UK will grow from strength to strength.

Best about Google?

Why do I personally love Google????…. Google truly make make complicated solutions easy to understand & implement!!! The sheer scale & power of Google is phenomenal… however Google have  managed to enable individuals, small companies & large corporate to leverage this scale/power to really change how they operate, in a quick effective manner.

This can result in true innovation in how people operate & what can be achieved, causing market disruption, gaining advantage within competitive market or equally staying ahead of the competition!…… Without doubt Google can help any individual or company.

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