Customer stories

G Suite references


AVEVE Group is the market leader in agriculture and horticulture products in Belgium. It’s a comprehensive and diverse group of about 60 companies and 250 stores, all thriving in a very competitive market. The tools they were using showed room for improvement to enable the full potential of collaboration and communication amongst colleagues, and that’s why they decided to go for G Suite.

AVEVE Group has fully adopted G Suite by not only going for the communication tools such as Gmail and Google Calendar, but also fully adopted Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides to replace the file server environment. This move has proven to inject a new way of working into the daily habits of the employees

Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg

Wit-Gele Kruis Limburg is an organization that provides in nursing care at home and several additional healthcare services. 1.800 employees, i.g. nurses, account for 4.265.794 interventions a year with 34.562 patients. They made the move from their legacy system to Gmail and Google Calendar a couple of years ago. Next to using the legacy file servers, the users started discovering Google Drive because of its collaboration capabilities and it’s flexibility. As a result people were a bit confused where to look for information (file server of Drive), and the regular Google Drive folders lacked some crucial security features.

With the announcement of Team Drives, Wit-gele kruis Limburg could make use the Drive platform as their enterprise file sharing solution. Therefore they decided to migrate their entire file server to Team Drives, which enables everyone to take advantage of the collaboration capabilities and completely takes away the confusion.

Louis Delhaize

Louis Delhaize is a Belgian retailer with over 200 stores. Gathering information and receiving feedback from stores isn’t an easy task. Louis Delhaize has connected people, opened up communication and transformed business processes through G Suite.


Fremach is an international supplier of decorated plastic products for the automotive and industrial markets. By adopting G Suite they have boosted collaboration and communication across sites to move things along quicker.

Chrome references

Toyota – Signage

Toyota uses Chrome for signage in all their dealerships across Europe to enhance the digital customer experience.

It displays videos about Toyota vehicles, customized according to the showroom area where the signs are located. So, if a system is installed in a showroom where hybrid cars are popular, the videos highlight hybrids.

Salespeople use the screens to show customers in-depth information about Toyota vehicles. Thanks to Chrome, salespeople can easily answer customers’ technical questions about things like a car’s Bluetooth capabilities, leading to a smoother sales process. The signs also feature a car configurator, which allows customers to explore and personalize their vehicles. Consumers typically come in with plenty of online research in hand, and they can pick right back up with these configurations in store on our digital signage. Across Europe, above 3000 signs are power by Chrome and 100,000 customers a month use the signage.
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AVEVE Group – Chromebox for Meetings and kiosks

AVEVE Group saves tons of time since they have equipped almost all of their office locations with Chromebox for Meetings to do videoconferencing. At the moment they’re averaging 1200 videoconferences per month and 1/3rd of these conferences are done through Chromebox for Meetings.

Next to that AVEVE has stored powering the in-store kiosk with a Chromebox, which makes the manageability of the devices much easier.

Louis Delhaize – Every Day use

The stores of Louis Delhaize needed a new device, which would allow them to collaborate with HQ through Hangouts and Google Drive. The Chromebook is a fast and flexible device which satisfies the needs of the store workers.

Google Cloud Platform references

BNP Paribas Fortis

Six business crucial applications were built with MS Access, JavaScript and Excel. Since all these files and tools were managed separately, there was no synchronization between the applications, which leads to a lot of redundant, duplicate and outdated information. The applications have a very different look & feel and are error prone. BNP Paribas Fortis has decided to rebuilt these applications on Google Cloud Platform in order to improve accessibility, stability and collaboration across the departments.